The Maple of my Eye

The Maple of my Eye

This week’s blog is all about Maple Onion “jam”

Let’s use the word jam loosely

I say that because when you say jam you think of fruit and kind of jelled

Your new friend Maple Onion is not that at all

She is Sweet and Complex, both a condiment and a topping…

She is the frenemy to all toppings meaning she can play with them or is happy to play alone.

The possibilities are ENDLESS!!

A grilled cheese sandwich with Maple Onion is like having soup and salad in one…

Turkey Bacon with Maple Onion

It is a left overs best friend           

Maple Onion is great instead of canned onions on green bean casserole… and on and on

If you need more suggestions…we are happy to brainstorm with you

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