Thinking Outside the Bread

Close your eyes … give me your first thought when you think of Jam/Jelly/spreadable fruit.

I bet that you think bread or sandwich (am I right?)

You may have a picture of toast at breakfast or the childhood favorite… Peanut Butter and Jelly

The point of Thinking Outside the bread is to show you how your Jam can be much more than a topping for bread or a love mate for peanut butter.

I want to show you how to think of your Jam/Jelly/spreadable fruit just as you would think of any other versatile thing in your fridge or pantry.

Each week we will break down a flavor giving you ideas to use said flavor in many ways…

The Jam flavors are unique and full of interesting combinations and the way we use them can be too!!

When we are done, P B and J will be the last thing on your mind when you pull out your jam

We are gonna make That’s Our Jam your Jam too…

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